The Colorado Forum was established in 1978 to create an informed, objective voice on critical public policy issues facing the state. Our 65 members are recognized leaders in the business, education, healthcare, media, legal, real estate, energy and non-profit communities and represent disparate regions in the state of Colorado. Forum membership is politically diverse; we are a nonpartisan organization that operates by 100% consensus. More >



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Healthy Colorado


Our Perspective


Colorado’s unique ecosystems and outdoor spaces are at the core of our state’s economy.  The splendor of our state’s mountains and plains attract businesses and workers to our state.  The Colorado Forum believes that growth can be a positive advantage for our state but it must be carefully managed.  Moreover, the Forum is focused on the current and future impact that climate change will have on every aspect of Colorado life. Through partnerships with similarly concerned stakeholders, the Forum is dedicated to making Colorado a national leader in initiatives associated with innovative technologies, renewable energy, conservation and reforestation, carbon sequestration, and environmental protection.  We believe that smart planning and creative, science-based solutions must underpin Colorado’s remarkable quality of life, vibrant economy, and one-of-a-kind western culture for the future. 


Our Work


Members of the Forum are involved with the Growth Project, a multilateral initiative focused on mitigating the future impact of population growth on our mountainous areas. The Colorado Forum is also working closely with businesses, non-profits, think tanks, and other leaders to form a coalition to protect Colorado’s natural spaces.