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Our Perspective

More than a decade ago, the Colorado Forum identified Colorado's inadequate transportation infrastructure as an issue fundamental to the economic and physical well-being of our state. With hundreds of thousands of people moving to Colorado and visiting our state every year, Colorado must find better and more efficient means of transporting our growing population, our visitor base, and goods and services throughout the state.  Members of the Forum also understand that the state needs to identify a better funding stream for transportation infrastructure costs since gas tax revenue is diminishing and no longer supports our infrastructure demands. We encourage the use of public-private partnerships when they can help Colorado build for the future within our financial constraints.

Our Work

The Colorado Forum has worked closely with lawmakers and executive branch leaders at the regional, state, and federal levels to promote a cooperative, multi-faceted approach to our transportation challenges.  With a significant backlog of infrastructure needs across the state, it is our goal to identify adequate resources to improve and maintain our infrastructure at a standard that attracts visitors, eases commuting traffic, accommodates the transfer of goods across the state, and makes us proud to live in Colorado.